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Supporting You with Your Mobile PC Technologies

This is a place where you can find, add, and edit knowledge about your Mobile PC Technologies. The main focus is on Microsoft Surface and other portable devices running Windows.

When you add content to this site, either in articles, edits, or discussion you are agreeing to the Article Guidelines and the Mobile PC Wiki Site Policy.

Any breach of the policy may lead to immediate suspension or termination of your access to this site.

Note: You are welcome to read the knowledge here, but to add or edit content, please Create an Account and Log in (see link at top right of this page).

Article Guidelines

We have a formal Site Policy and we have these Article Guidelines.

Please DO

  • Provide links to all sources of outside information.
  • Clearly distinguish between facts and opinions.
  • Expand all acronyms or create an article that defines an acronym if you insist on using one.
  • Use your personal page to tell us about you, provide links to your website or blog, and do some personal promotion.
  • Sign your articles (use ~~~~ to sign your contributions)


  • DO NOT Promote rumours.
    If you write in a tone that suggests that you are providing facts, link to a source or expect your article to be edited mercilessly.
  • DO NOT Quote anonymous sources.
    If a source cannot be named, then what s/he has to say does not belong here.
  • DO NOT Use this site to advertise your goods and services.
    Exception: Feel free to post a link and brief description in your personal page (linked from your Log In ID at the top, near the center of every page).

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